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I create masterfully crafted singular pieces for creative, passionate people! If you want boring, cheap, mass produced pieces, this is not for you! Elven Elysium offers premium fantasy sculpture, artisan crafted jewelry, and polymer clay projects that will capture your essence. That look and feel which is yours and yours alone. No shrinking violets allowed! You WILL make a statement, and you WILL get attention with some of my one of a kind magic in your collection.

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May 7, 2014 NEW Dragon just landed in the shop. Aurora will be around until June unless she goes to her new home before then! Her glow in the dark pieces have to be seen to be believed!
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STOP! Not all of my work is made available in my online gallery and direct for the public. Due to the overwhelming demand of pieces, I have developed the "Insiders" gallery. This insider’s gallery takes you behind the scenes where I pull back the "curtain" on my most special of creations. So before you continue to browse, SIGN UP HERE! Our community of art and sculpture lovers from all over the world is expanding. I share with a few select people the "non-gallery" items. PLUS the insider secrets on how to begin sculpting and creating for yourself FREE and exclusive to newsletter subscribers. To bring out the designer or artist in you. Sign up today for this special "Insiders" gallery view:
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Home of Willow Wisp Lighted Crystal (c) (TM). Gorgeous semi-precious crystals by day. Show-stopping glow by night. The Will O'Wisps have their own page.
Original sculptural plaques and "paintings" in polymer clay. Click on the "other work" page for a gallery!
Detailed one of a kind sculptural jewelry. Dragons and crows and fairies, oh my! Click on the "other work" page for more.
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Free and paid tutorials! All of my tutorials are easy to follow and full of photos. Twice per year an exclusive free tutorial is released only to my mailing list subscribers. Check out the DIY Shop for more details.
Some dolls I create are poseable. Articulated waist, hip, knees, shoulder, and elbow. These dolls allow me to create a more sumptuous layered costume. Click the "dolls" tab fore more.
Fully sculpted one of a kind fantasy art dolls. My dolls live all over the world: Nova Scotia, Brazil, Australia, SIngapore, England, Ireland, and Russia! The "dolls" gallery shows my past work.
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"At their daily banquets, the board was set forth with a splendour which the proudest kings of the earth dared not aspire to...The young knights and beautiful ladies showed themselves as wrinkled carles and odious hags--their wealth turned into slate-stones--their splendid plate into pieces of clay fantastically twisted--and their victuals, unsavoured by salt, became tasteless and insipid--the stately halls were turned into miserable damp caverns--all the delights of the Elfin Elysium vanished at once." - Sir Walter Scott.